High Density Mobile Filing Cabinets – Bulk Filers

  • Bulk Filers – also known as High Density Mobile Filing Cabinets are used in Storage rooms, Filing rooms & Open Plan offices.
  • They are also most commonly used where there is a shortage of costly office floor space.
  • The larger the Bulk Filer the more storage space percentage is saved. Up to 50% of the floor space used by traditional static shelving & cabinets can be saved using Bulk Filers. This floor space can then be used for alternate use.
  • Bulk Filers make this possible by only having 1 aisle (walk in area) at any given time using a mobile / moving cabinet system.
  • Bulk Filers also look amazing and can be customized to your individual requirements.
What We Offer?

• We manufacture 400mm deep cabinets as standard. These are not only suitable for Lever Arch File storage & Archive Box storage but for all our optional Pull out Components (which won’t fit into a 360mm deep cabinet sometimes offered)

• All our Bulk Filers all come standard with 5 Internal Shelves / 6 shelf levels per Bay.

• Standard Cabinet Color is a light Motorcraft Grey and handles are either Black or Silver.

• Chain Drives are optional on our larger Tandem (2 Wide) or Triple (3 Wide) Bulk Filers. 


Bulk Filer Sizes
Our Bulk Filers consist of multiple Bays (or Mobile Cabinets) and can be as compact as a 3 Bay and as large as a 12 Bay long depending on your filing needs. 

Lead Time
Lead Time is approximately 10 to 15 working day for manufacture and we deliver and install which is essential to retain your warranty. 

Common Internal Configurations Available
A wide range of optional configurations and internals are available depending on your storage needs. 

Tandem Filers

Tandem Filers (2 Wide – 2200mm) and Triple Bays (3 Wide – 3300mm) are also available in all combinations up to 12 Bays long.

Chain Drives will usually be added in these instances for ease of moving multiple cabinets. 

Lever Arch Files

• Using 5 shelves / 6 openings
• Stores: 84 x lever arch files per bay or 72 x lever arch files using 6 file wire racks. 

Bulk Filer Accessories

 Pull out Cradles

Shelf File Wire Rack

80 mm pitch and 40 mm pitch

Pull out Drawer

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