The word ZIPPEL ® has become a generic name synonymous with HIGH DENSITY document filing and storage facilities, specified for all types of specialised storage applications over many years, and means a range of products and services supplied to commerce and industry to suit those needs. Products are marketed and sold world-wide and ZIPPEL are currently represented in 46 countries. ZIPPEL is the largest manufacturer of Document filing systems and we deliver and install throughout Southern Africa.

The ZIPPEL KOMPRESS ® range of mobile cabinet systems for high density filing was the first system introduced in South Africa and was installed as S.E.I.F.S.A. in 1966 and to-date more than 25000 systems have been manufactured and installed in almost every environment possible, form hotels, banks, building societies, to universities, municipalities, insurance and legal firms with as many diverse storage applications, and still remain one of the most popular systems available because of its numerous features, quality of operation, and competitive pricing.

In addition to the KOMPRESS RANGE there has been further development overseas of specialised products for the TELEVISION/VIDEO industry and computer L.A.N. environments for other applications such as VHS and DLT tape storage libraries for main frame computers, and an exciting new range of products for the DRAWING OFFICE and we have pleasure in being able to offer these locally. Further development of our comprehensive range of files, folders, pockets and indexes to cater for special applications such as photographic negatives and LITHO POSITIVES means that ZIPPEL can now provide a filing solution for even these hitherto neglected areas.