About us

About Us

Zippel® Filing Systems is a well-known manufacturing company specialising primarily in the design and manufacture of Mobile Filing Cabinet Systems and Shelving. Zippel® were the originators of the concept of high density storage and introduced the first systems to South Africa in 1966 … and still market leaders 45 years later. We are in business to stay in business, providing quality products at competitive prices, deliveries on time, every time and superb after sales service and meaningful guarantees.

Having been in business since 1966 our customer data base includes all the major companies in the public and private sector and this ensures a constant flow of on-going business which supports our manufacturing base , and with so many existing ZIPPEL mobile cabinet filing systems installed throughout South Africa we receive a constant flow of requests for servicing, relocations etc in addition to companies wishing to source additional new products from a proven supplier listed on their procurement database.



We don’t make or sell cheap products, and we don’t compromise on the design or quality of our products to achieve a lower selling price, therefore our products are unavoidably more expensive to produce. To use an analogy: You cannot make a Mercedes Benz and sell it for Tata prices and still remain in business! But our discerning customers appreciate and understand that you get what you pay for, and that is why we can offer a 10 year guarantee with confidence and that is the reason we have sold more systems than all our current competitors combined.

At Zippel we understand that sales success in the short and long term has as its cornerstone the constants of price – quality – service and this applies to us, just as much as it does to anybody else, but there is of course a temptation to buy purely on price, especially in tough economic times where margins are being squeezed and turnover is down.

We appreciate that management may think that “apples are apples” when it comes to product sourcing. However, I can assure you that this is definitely not the case when it comes to Mobile Filing Systems. The implications of sourcing cheap inferior products with unreliable suppliers to meet short term sales goals have serious effects on customer relationships in the medium to long term.