Mobile Filing Systems

Automated Mobile Shelving Systems

The "Perfect Solution" for space saving storage with quick and easy access.

The new "LIGIER" storage system from ZIPPEL represents the latest concept of high density storage technology from Germany. This modern design and ZIPPEL's uncompromising quality construction methods will ensure years of trouble free operation.

Compare ZIPPEL with traditional mobile shelving systems that employ designs from the 1960's and you will appreciate the difference. Now there is no need to relocate or increase the area allocation for storage, and what's more your ZIPPEL is more than just a shelving systems, there are 16 interchangeable fittings available making it possible to store every conceivable item you can think of, no other system offers this flexibility!

SAVING SPACE but lets look at other IMPORTANT FEATURES of ZIPPEL MOBILE which static shelving cannot offer.

Security and Access Control
An enclosed and lockable mobile system offers physical control over contents, preventing stock losses and providing inventory control.

No dust contamination is possible due to condensed storage, sealing strips between sections prevent this, and provide safety between moving bays.

Fire Protection
Enclosed and secure within, your valuable documents are protected.


Technical Notes - Kompress Ligier

Description: A Semi-automatic mobilised shelving system specifically designed for large document archives where the highest possible density or storage is required in the minimum possible floorspace necessitating the use of an electrical or mechanical system to operate and facilitate access to the moving rows of shelving.

Drive Operation

Operation is by power transmission from the handwheel to the drive shaft via a roller chain normally restricted to systems of maximum 6 bay widths or axle loads of 5 000 kg maximum.




With this type of system, access is gained by unlocking the section to be opened and operating the "drive wagon" to open or close the system, in normal specification this is not a totally enclosed system offering independent security for contents. The integrated floor section can be extended to allow for multiple access points or future expansion.


This type of system can only be extended in length (rows) with the options to convert or add additional drive wagons as the system size increases to facilitate additional loads.


In the design of these large systems, safety features have been included, such as anti-tilt devices fitted to the wagons for stability and logic circuits designed for the electrically driven systems also prevent operation while someone is still within the system referencing information.


The standard field depth (390 mm) is suitable for all standard type documents, however special sizes are available on request.


The widest possible selection of internal fittings is available to fit within the system for all types of files, folders, books and drawings.

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