Multi-Media Storage

CD & DVD - Pull Out Cabinets

Multimedia Storage

Space-Saving Pull-Out Cabinets

Ideal for "high access" tape storage

  • Space Saving Pull-Out Cabinets
  • New Design Heavy Duty Tape and Film Trucks
  • Open Shelf Tape Storage System

Pull-out cabinet design maximises the use of your available storage space. May be installed in room alcoves or set-backs, giving you 100% storage space efficiency. An economical solution for tape storage in confined areas. Pull-out cabinets save floor space, too, by eliminating unnecessary aisles.


Unique, modular component design for unlimited flexibility plus maximum density storage. Units can be bolted together for any length of time. Ideal for “high access” requirements. Offer space savings, maximum storage, and reduced tape retrieval time.

Cabinets pull-out effortlessly on a low-profile track, giving you instant access with 100% storage space efficiency.