FireProof Cabinets

Drawer Protection Cabinets (Paper Documents)

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The Cabinet provides professional storage (suitable for A4 or Foolscap Size Suspension Files) and protects your vital documents from fire.

Key Features:

High quality filing cabinet for professional storage of important documents.

  • Each drawer is protected from fire. Even if one of the drawers is accidentally left open, the other closed drawers are still protected by the built-in fire resistant partitions.
  • Robust drawer design and construction.
  • The generous capacity allows the customer to gain full advantage for their storage requirements.

Models available:

Ref. Code External Dimensions (mm) Internal Drawer Dimensions (mm) Mass
1-Drawer 454H x 534W x 665D 280H x 388W x 499D 100kgs
2-Drawer 778H x 534W x 665D 280H x 388W x 499D 175kgs
3-Drawer 1156H x 534W x 665D 280H x 388W x 499D 255kgs
4-Drawer 1534H x 534W x 665D 280H x 388W x 499D 350kgs

Fire testing:

Tested and Certified by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden as per NT 017 – 90P providing a 90 minute fire rating.


  • Central Locking on top drawer (combination lock)
  • One Key Lock per Drawer (locking each Drawer individually)