T-Glide Filing Method

Filing Accessories

Standard Suspension File
Lateral Suspension File
File Out Card
Standard Suspension File - Ref.
AO 003
  • Variety of colours
  • oolscap or A4 sizes
  • Complete with tab and strip
Lateral Suspension File - Ref.
AO 004
  • Colours blue and green
  • A4 or foolscap sizes
  • Complete with tab and strip
File Out Card - Ref. BO 082
  • Avoid lost files
  • Keep track of file movement
  • Insert in file when removed
Metal File Clips
P.V.C Binding Slides
P.V.C Ring Binders
Metal File Clips - Ref. GI 003
  • Popular and economical
  • Retains paper in folder
P.V.C Binding Slides - Ref. Cat: EO
  • For reports and presentations
  • No heat sealing or combing
  • Variety of colours and sizes
P.V.C Ring Binders - Ref. FI 002
  • Ideal for manuals or leaflets
  • Various colours and sizes
Identification Tabs
Colour labels
Identification Tabs - Cat: A1
  • Many types available
  • Lateral or top filing
Colour labels - Ref. DI 007
  • Alpha or numeric on colour background
  • Self adhesive
  • Prevents misfiling
Extendatab - Ref. DI 007
  • Convert your existing files or folders to colour code
  • Required for use with colour code labels