Storage Cabinets

Industrial Flameproof Cabinets

ZIPPEL manufactures Flameproof or Hazard Chemical safety storage cabinets in South Africa, These are made using a formed steel cabinet carcass with an internal cabinet fitted inside for maximum strength providing a minimum of 33mm insulating air space gap on top, bottom, back, sides, and doors. The cabinet stands off the floor supported on 100mm adjustable legs to balance and level the cabinets and to provide a space below aiding cleaning and ventilation

External Dimensions
1560H x 1180W x 435mm in depth and can be specified with reinforced shelves or trays for spillage, these trays are made from Galvanised steel for corrosion resistance

Cabinets have vents provided for Hazard Chemical use or sealed to comply with Fire regulations. Robust double skin overlap doors include robust steel hinges for strength and secure door closure. An integral 3 -point locking bar system with T-BAR Lock is fitted for security.

Our storage cabinets include the relevant warning labels for guidance. Shelves are height adjustable at 25mm increments and galvanised (corrosion resistant) spillage trays are provided when specified for chemical or paint storage.

Finished in SIGNAL YELLOW (RAL 1003) or SIGNAL RED (RAL 3001) EPOXY powder coat.

The design and construction of these cabinets comply with the South African NOHSA Act - General Safety Regulation GSR r.4 (2) – GSR r.4 (10) d