Storage Cabinets

Industrial Hazard Cabinets

Technical Specifications

The most effective way to isolate your flammable and corrosive hazards is to store them in approved safety storage cabinets. Chemical safety storage cabinets isolate corrosives and flammable liquids from other incompatible chemicals, provide a higher level of security against theft and vandalism, and common sense and good laboratory procedure tell us we should isolate corrosive and flammable liquids in approved safety storage. The OHSA, Insurance companies, and other regulating agencies also dictate how hazardous chemicals must be stored.

ZIPPEL® manufactures Hazard Chemical Storage cabinets in South Africa, These are made using a formed steel cabinet carcass with adequate louvres and holes to ensure adequate ventilation to prevent accumulation of toxic or flammable vapours within the cabinet.

External Dimensions are 1800H x 900W x 450 mm in depth and is equipped as standard with catch trays for spillage these trays are made from STAINLESS steel for corrosion resistance Sloping roof cabinets comply with safety regulations determined for "HAZARD Chemical Storage Cabinets" An integral 3 point locking bar system with T bar lock is fitted for security.

Our storage cabinets include the relevant conspicuous warning labels for guidance Trays are height adjustable at 25mm increments and (corrosion resistant containment) spillage trays are provided when specified for liquid storage. Finished in SIGNAL YELLOW (RAL 1003) and the design and construction of these cabinets comply with the South African NOHSA Act General Safety Regulation GSR r.4 (2) – GSR r.4 (10) d.