Storage Cabinets

Multi Drawer Filing Cabinets

Now you can have your own lockable cabinet with the beauty of WOOD finishes combined with the STRENGTH of internal steel structure and top quality fittings and filing methods.

Match your office furniture or décor

This exciting new multi drawer cabinet brings you the familiarity of top filing in a beautiful modern wood cabinet, now for the first time you can store your original correspondence in a high density filing cabinet that matches your office furniture.

Save space and be cost conscious

Each drawer in our new cabinet can store almost the same amount of files as a conventional steel four drawer cabinet. So you only buy 1 – ZIPPEL cabinet to replace 3 traditional types. Compare the aesthetics, the filing methods the floor space savings and compare the price!

Now you can have a choice of filing method in your ZIPPEL cabinet.

In addition to the highly recommended Desk Top Filing methods, the more traditional lateral suspension filing method can also be used in your cabinet. Suspension files A4 size can be dropped into our removable filing cradle, also for workstation use the cradle has simple adjustable stops, fitted to the rails to keep your files neat and tidy when opening and closing of the drawers even when cradle only has a few files.

  • Compatible with modern office interiors
  • Available in wood grain or colour finishes
  • A choice of the latest filing methods
  • Robust European design and function