Storage Cabinets

Multistore Cabinet - Commercial Type Storage Cabinet

Why buy a MULTISTORE cabinet?
Filing capacity and floor space

Sliding door cabinets have the unique ability to store the equivalent filing of (6) traditional 4 drawer cabinets and MULTISTORE requires only 25% of the floor space by comparison. Because of the sliding door design they are ideal for placing in narrow passages where "swing door" cabinets cannot be used due to space intrusion.


MULTISTORE cabinets can be specified with a wide variety of internal fittings unlike traditional steel cabinets which can only be used for suspension filing! Do you need shelves for Lever Arch fillies, Drawers for Stationary Video or CD drawers, Lock up compartments for valuables or confidential documents? Your Multistore can be specified with all of these features, making this an essential item of Office equipment to have in any office.


Space saving can be further improved by "mobilizing" the multistore cabinets as office space becomes limited by attaching cabinets to moving bases guided on tracks to form an integral high density bulk filing system. This is a distinct advantage by comparison with other types of office cupboards or credenzas which must be replaced to gain more space.