Document Archive Shelving

RUT - Mobile Industrial Shelving Systems

Industrial Type – ZIPPEL mobile shelving

Specified for use in Storerooms and Archives

Why waste money on off site storage?

Having company records stored in a warehouse is sometimes convenient, but there are long term contracts to be signed and escalation to be considered, and most companies find that these costs can easily become a major expense of retrieving documents when queries arise.

Let's look at the alternative!

ZIPPEL RUT Mobile Shelving can offer you a "budget level entry" into high density storage and can provide you with a maximise the available space in your archive room, creating up to 40% more space when you had thought your storeroom was full capacity. A capital asset that can be financially justified, depreciated and has practical benefits for your staff in terms of quick and simple document retrieval on your own doorstep! And don't forget it's a compulsory requirement under Law to maintain company records for a period of 5 years for inspection and reference.

Let's mobilise our existing steel shelving!

Many companies already have storerooms with rows and rows of existing steel shelving but no space – Wrong!!! ZIPPEL has saved money for many companies and "mobilised" their existing fixed shelving… By fixing existing shelf racks onto moving carriages running on rails we have achieved the impossible 40% space saving or increase storage capacity by 80%, so if you have a fixed shelving we have the solution.