T-Glide Filing Method

T-Glide Filing System

Filing Density and Floor Area

The Zippel T-Glide rail systems has the highest density of filing available per square meter of floor area by comparison with other systems. This is achieved at a considerably lower cost than by using pull out cradles or drawers. The benefits of maximum utilisation of available floor space result in considerable financial savings in any office environment.

Comparison of Systems

Here you can see the advantages of the lateral T-Glide System.

  • 700 instead of 400 files
  • 60% saving in floor space
  • Complete visual reference
  • Quick and easy retrieval

The T-Glide system is currently used and preferred by most government departments, banks, private and public companies in South Africa and has proved itself for over 30 years in this country with over 3-million files having been sold, and remains one of the best filing methods available.

No other individual filing method can offer the user the variety and flexibility provided by Zippel.

Lateral storage with ZIPPEL T-Glide

The lateral file is a suspended filing system where the narrow ends faces the user.

The advantages of this method are well known, and lie in the economy space and costs. Existing office furniture can be easily fitted with suspension rails and used without the necessity of expensive internal fittings like pull-out cradles, drawers or shelves.

The lateral filing system based on the patented T-Glide system is unique and provides one of the cheapest and best methods available.

Extra long or heavy files do not present any problems as there are reinforced rails available for this application. Lateral suspension filing is particularly adaptable for special formats, as the distance from rail to rail can easily be altered if required. Originally developed in Germany, the Zippel T-Glide has proved itself worldwide over many years, which is a testimony to the success of the original design.

The centre of gravity of the document holder is the T-Glide hook (shown above) with which files are suspended on the rail. Simple and easy, (even with off-centre strain) the files will not tip.

The T-Glide system optimises the use of cupboards. Seven rows of files suspended over one another are easily accessible where normally only 5 or 6 rows are possible with other methods.

An additional advantage of the T-Glide is the ease of storage of removed files. Simply remove the wanted file and tilt the file next to it, which will show at a glance where the file should be replaced.


T-Glide rails offer the user unobstructed access with the benefit of complete visibility of the cabinet contents at a glance. Because of this the system is better than lateral suspension methods and offers particularly economical solutions for storing:

File Products and Accessories

A Comprehensive range of T-Glide products are available for every application special items can be manufactured to your individual requirements on request.

  • Conversions to T-Glide
  • Special solutions
  • The original ZIPPEL flexible tube clip
  • Manilla files and pockets
  • Sodium cardboard files and pockets
  • Computer binders
  • Open pocket files
  • Lever arch files
  • Drawing hanging strips
  • Drawing multiple hangers

Zippel – Manufacturing

Our company specialises in providing our clients with the best possible solution to over come their filing problems, and the T-Glide System detailed here can systems which our company currently manufactures. Our consultants will advise you on the Zippel Kompress and Zippel Linea and Layout filing systems, which can provide for every application, and can accommodate from 10 files or drawings to 100 000 (depending on the application) at prices to suit your budget. Even future expansion of our systems does not present any problem should this be required.

Zippel – Service

Our consultants are always available to assist clients with any query or problem regading document or drawing storage, and are experienced in designing specific solutions for each organisation without obligation.

T-Glide Filing

Flat Pocket File
Flat Pocket File - Ref. BO 004
  • Heavy duty 380 GM manilla
  • 6 Colours with tab and strip
  • Zippel® File mechanism
Open Pocket File
Open Pocket File - Ref. BO 002
  • Light duty 180 GM manilla
  • 10 Colours available
  • 15 mm file capacity
Open Pocket File
Open Pocket File - Ref. BO 007
  • Heavy duty 380 GM manilla
  • 6 Colours with tab and strip
  • 35 mm filing capacity
Colour Code File
Colour Code File - Ref. BO 003
  • Medium duty 210 GM tokai
  • One colour with extended edge
  • 25 mm file capacity
T-Glide Filing Rails
T-Glide Filing Rails
  • High density later filing
  • Economic filing method
  • Made to fit any cabinet
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