Mobile Filing Systems

Commercial Type - ZIPPEL Kompress

Bogged down with paper?

Is PAPER the bane of your life? Miles to walk to retrieve it? When you can't reduce the paper, reduce the problem it causes – Mobilise with a high density filing and office storage system from the professionals.

Zippel to the rescue!!!

Don't let the paper monster dominate your business. Our FREE evaluation and design service will put it in it's place and show you just how cost effective file management can be for your office.

OPTIONAL FINISHES – Wood or Fabric Panels The standard colour of your Zippel is an attractive light grey epoxy coated finish which blends with most modern office environments, but aesthetics are important to many of our discerning clients and we cater for those needs by providing various finishes in WOOD, FABRIC or PERFORATED steel panel attachments which enhance this appeal. Special epoxy colours are also available on request.

Do you need Fire Protection?

Statutory requirements mean that those documents must be protected under loss control procedures; special fire resistant panels are available as an optional extra providing peace of mind.


Commercial type - ZIPPEL® Kompress
Specified for use in Office environments

Gain space – lose nothing

So what is high density filing?

Quite simple, by mobilising filing cabinets on floor rails, required floor space is reduced by up to 80% without a loss in flexibility.

How is this achieved?

Traditional floor bound steel cabinet are deceptively space hungry, requiring 3 times their floor space to access drawers, cradles and open doors our mobile cabinets utilise space effectively by sliding units along rails, and having a single access shared by all units.

Factory Warranty

This is more than just an attractive investment with a 5 year guarantee, Zippel does not compromise in quality of materials or design to achieve a lower selling price and we can offer this warranty with confidence…providing you, our client with a value for money purchase…

Commercial Type - ZIPPEL Kompress

Store just about anything in your ZIPPEL ®

Your system can be specified with a wide variety of internal fittings, making it a multi purpose secure facility which can provide for every office storage need, from stationery to computer binders, videos, compact discs, drawings, cheque books, in fact everything in your office and all in the same system including built-in compartments or safes for confidential documents or valuable items like laptops and software. Your Zippel can even store all your existing files moved from other cabinets…and the additional benefits don't stop there.

Operation Method

To gain access to the contents of each Zippel cabinet these must be moved open to step inside the system. Normally this is done by using a PULL HANDLE, but depending on how heavily these cabinets are loaded; there are other mechanical options which make the manual operation considerably easier.


Internal fittings - (illustrated)

  • PULLOUT CRADLE – for top retrieval filing of A4 or foolscap suspension files.
  • PULLOUT TRAY – for A4 Docubox container filing
  • PULLOUT DRAWER – for chequebooks
  • PULLOUT DRAWER – for videos, CD's, DLT, tapes,etc.
  • TWIN RAIL RACKS – for lateral suspension filing – front retrieval
  • LOCK UP SAFES – for storage of confidential documents, laptops, and valuables.
  • WIRE RACKS – for lateral support of spine filed folders
  • T-GLIDES® RAILS – for lateral suspension filing

ZIPPEL AO Filing Cradle

NEW telescopic pull out frame fitted with convenient Clamp Binders (16) binders per cradle provides storage for 650 Plans - Size A4 - AO

A typical office back in the 1980's

A quantity of 16 - 4 Drawer steel Cabinets would occupy an effective floor space of 15m2 and these singe function suspension cabinets have a total filing capacity of only 34 filing meters.


Now in 2013

One ZIPPEL ® 4 bay Mobile Cabinet System has the same 34 filing meters of storage capacity and requires only 6m2 of floor space, and with over 20 different types of internal fittings available for every need in the office, it really is a Multi Purpose storage facility...and a cost effective option which allows you to free up space in your existing office or enables you to move to smaller offices saving on monthly rental space.

*Typical installation of standard 3 and a 4 bay ZIPPEL kompress LITE Mobile Cabinet System in a modern Office
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