Mobile Filing Systems

Economy Type - ZIPPEL Kompress

Industrial type – RUT ZIPPEL Kompress® Specified for use in Office or storeroom environments

Cost conscious? What about our entry level ZIPPEL®
This mobile system can be specified only with a few optional types of fittings such as shelves or filing cradles as it is primarily designed to accommodate Lever Arch files, folders or suspension files which is typical of storage required for most small archives.

What about security and access control?
The "low cost" type of mobile ZIPPEL are also supplied enclosed and lockable to prevent unauthorised access to documents or files, and this means there is less chance of files going missing or being lost.

Safety Features?
Safety is a prime consideration for our clients and of course even in this budget level system, features have been included to endure user safety, these features include ANTI TILT devices to prevent toppling and rubber buffer seals between sections to prevent hand injuries.

Functional but not pretty?
Most companies are not too concerned with "good looks" as their ZIPPEL will be out of site in a storeroom perhaps, but there are OPTIONAL extra finishes available…Wood or fabric panels can be fitted to enhance the appearance of the system.

Can our ZIPPLE be extended?
As your company grows so does your need for storage and ZIPPEL have considered this in the original design making it easy to add on units to increase the capacity. We can extend your system in width or in length to suit the area provided.

If we moved offices?
ZIPPEL Kompress Mobile Systems are not fixed to the floor in any way, and can be easily dismantled and reassembled in another office or building, we unpack your files transport to a new location with no hassles or fuss, our skilled technicians are at your disposal 7 days a week for your office moves!

Factory Warranty
This is more than just an attractive investment with a 5 year guarantee, find out now how we can bring order to your business!!