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High density storage began with Zippel® all the way back in 1966. We are the manufacturers of office filing and storage cabinets in South Africa that perfected safe and affordable storage over 50 years ago.
We specialise in a complete range of affordable office filing systems, storage facilities, and document management services that are internationally recognised for quality, reliability, and competitive pricing. 

Fire Resistant Drawer Cabinets | JBM Zippel

Office Filing & Storage Cabinets In South Africa

The Zippel® brand is synonymous with high density filing and storage facilities. We provide for all types of specialised storage applications with a range of products and services for the commercial and industrial sectors.

This has expanded our reach to a world-wide market representing 46 countries across the globe. This, combined with quality services has made us one of the largest manufacturers of office filing and storage cabinets in Southern Africa. 

Our Products

Our products include a complete range of solutions, including fire-resistant drawers and hazardous chemical cabinets, to high density mobile and fixed filing cabinets and everything in-between.

Zippel® Office Furniture

The Zippel® brand extends its office offering from storage solutions to being a leading office furniture supplier in Gauteng.

With dozens of office furniture brands you are sure to find suitable furniture for your office space. 

In addition we also supply:

  • Storage solutions
  • Boardroom furniture
  • Training furniture
  • Reception counters and seating
  • Airport seating
  • Coffee tables
  • Industrial draftsman chairs
  • Privacy screens
  • Power organisation systems
  • Executive and operators seating
  • Utility chairs
  • Presentation accessories
  • Factory and canteen furniture
  • Desk accessories

Our Services

We offer specialised services to our clients alongside our market leading solutions. These include comprehensive and professionally conducted filing system relocations, fixed to mobile conversions of high-density storage systems, and professional repairs and servicing of filing cabinets.


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