Benefits of using fire-safe cabinets

Benefits of using fire-safe cabinets

It is critical to always keep your documents safe. You typically purchase filing cabinets to ensure that your important documents are not damaged or stolen by anyone. However, a standard filing cabinet will not protect your documents from fire. If you keep important files and documents, you will need fire-safe cabinets to keep them protected.

Most people believe a standard filing cabinet will suffice and try to avoid the higher cost of fire-safe cabinets. However, if you think purchasing a large fire-safe cabinet is not worth your money, you should consider the advantages it can provide.

Organise your files

Most people agree that having a soft copy of documents is preferable to keeping files in your cabinet. However, it is only applicable to specific files. More critical documents with signatures are crucial and cannot simply be scanned for reproduction. Original copies are always required. Even if you have a copy of the document on your computer, you will need two-drawer fire-safe cabinets to organise your records. Having at least two drawers in your cabinet will give you more space to organise the items you want to store inside. A single safe is a good option, but it is not designed to hold multiple documents. When your files are correctly and neatly organised in a secure filing cabinet, they are easier to access.

Fire protection

If you do not use fire-safe cabinets, your files will never be safe. Fire-safe cabinets are designed to withstand high temperatures. You won’t have to worry about your files being destroyed if a fire breaks out in your office or home. Fireproof cabinets can keep the inside of the cabinet from getting hot enough to burn the paper inside. If you use a standard cabinet, the fire will completely burn your documents in seconds.

Reduced insurance rates

Keeping fire-safe cabinets in your home or office can help you save money on your monthly insurance premiums. Insurance companies will inspect your premises and note any potential fire hazards. If they notice a fire-safe cabinet inside, that’s a plus because it protects your valuables from fire and burglary.

Theft protection

Fire-safe cabinets offer greater theft protection than standard cabinets. Although some cabinets have locks and keys, they are extremely simple to open. A fire-safe cabinet has a high-quality lock and key that cannot be easily damaged.

Peace of mind

This is the most significant advantage of a fire-safe cabinet. You can go wherever you want without worrying about the important documents and valuable items in your cabinet. You can rest easy knowing that even intruders will have difficulty accessing the items inside.


Purchasing a fire-safe cabinet

With so many styles of fire-safe cabinets available, it will be challenging to choose the best one. Look for these essential features when purchasing a fire-safe cabinet.


Although fire-safe cabinets are designed to keep your documents and other valuables safe from fire, most are also watertight. In addition, your documents are also safe from water damage because the cabinet is completely sealed.


You cannot simply purchase a cabinet because it claims to be fireproof. You must determine whether the cabinet can maintain a low internal temperature for an extended period. If you plan to keep documents inside, the temperature should not exceed 177°C. If digital media must be kept in a fire-safe cabinet, the internal temperature should not exceed 120°C. A room will burn for an average of 20 minutes before spreading to the next room during a fire. You’ll need a cabinet that can keep a low temperature for at least 30 minutes.

Weight and dimensions

The amount of space required is determined by the number of documents stored inside your fire-safe cabinets. If you don’t have a lot of papers to keep, a smaller cabinet will suffice to save space in your room. Weight is critical because a lighter model is easier for thieves to move or carry. It is best to get something heavy to protect your belongings from fire and burglary.

Why choose Zippel

You can always get a regular cabinet instead of a fire-safe cabinet. But can you handle the consequences if a fire breaks out unexpectedly in your home or office? Fire-safe cabinets make excellent investments. In addition, a fireproof cabinet is the best option if you don’t want your valuable documents and items to burn or be stolen.

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