Document Storage

Document Storage

Whether you are looking to store your documents or relocate, Zippel has the expert services that you’ll need.


The information recorded in documentation can vary and come with high importance, from containing a person’s personal information to a record of minutes, this information needs to be stored and protected safely. At Zippel we have the solution for you. We are document storage manufacturers and specialists, offering document management services and storage supplies, we also manufacture storage products to suit your storage needs.


To be manageable, the storage of documentation needs to happen in a compact, neat and logical fashion. At Zippel we offer three types of cabinets for this purpose, specifically designed for easy and efficient storage, namely our high-density mobile filing cabinets, our steel cabinets suitable for suspension files, as well as our plan filing cabinets and stands.


High-Density Mobile Filing Cabinets


Our high density mobile filing cabinets, also known as bulk filers, are designed to assist in saving on the cost of floor space needed to store your filing and documentation. The larger the high density mobile filing cabinet, the more space you will save, in fact up to 50% of the area where filing would normally be kept in conventional cabinets.


The doors of the bulk filer open at a point where there is only one aisle or area of walk-in space available, making the entire bulk filer more compact in a given space, without reducing the filing space itself. Traditional isle space can often be up to twice as wide as the actual storage unit itself, and with fixed partitions of isle space, greatly reducing the area for storage, as well as the area for using this space for other things.


Because of the nature of the bulk filer, and its specific design, documents can be stored compactly, while maintaining orderliness, allowing the filing itself to take up less room, making the surrounding area more available for other activities and storage.


These cabinets are also manufactured in a way that they can store bulk documentation and filing within the cabinet itself and are suitable for areas such as open-plan offices, filing rooms, and storage rooms. Over and above, because we specialise in their manufacture, we can customise the high density mobile filing cabinet to suit your particular storage needs, in shape and size, and even the aesthetic design that you are looking for.


This storage system offered by Zippel is also a mobile and portable system, where the cabinet is positioned onto track wheels or rails, allowing the cabinet to be moved from area to area, depending on your storage needs and available space. Being able to move the unit around a particular area further allows for the space to be used more effectively, not only for storage but for possibly more productive aspects, like a workspace. When the cabinet is not in use, it can easily be moved to another area of the office or floor space, opening up space for other purposes and leaving your space feeling neat, open, and organised. This allows you to make use of every square inch of your floor space, storing high volumes of documentation while having very little impact on the availability of floor space.


A consideration is also that while it is possible to move the filing cabinet away into a more suitable floor space so that the space can be maximised, when the documentation is in indeed need, it is also possible to move the mobile unit closer to the area in which you are working, also making the documentation more accessible than having to wander to and spend time at, the fixed filing unit which may be some distance away from where the documents are needed to be handled and used.


Not only will a high density mobile filing cabinet be suitable for larger floor areas and further open the space for use, but it is also perfect for smaller floor areas where a great volume of document storage can still be kept, allowing the remainder, or a smaller space, to be used efficiently.


In addition to saving on storage space through the design of the high-density mobile fining cabinet, the design of the inside of the cabinet further ensures that space is used effectively, in an organised and convenient way. The shelves and storage within the bulk filer are manufactured to ensure that the space within the cabinet is also maximised.


High Density Mobile Filing Cabinets or Off-Site Storage?


Making use of a high density mobile filing cabinet also takes away the inconvenience and cost of having to invest in further and alternative filing systems. At times this issue can even result in companies having to locate and pay the high cost of what appears to be convenient off-site storage systems for their documents, which turn out not to be convenient at all. This is especially so from the aspect that these documents are no longer within your reach or control, but are now stored off-site and under another organisation’s rules and procedures in terms of access, and at a hefty price. Several additional considerations come into play when making use of offsite facilities, even where they are your own, considerations like the employment of additional staff, or even temperature-controlled rooms, become a tremendous inconvenience and cost.


The alternative, being the high density mobile filing cabinets, may revolutionise the space that you have available for storage and allow you to avoid all of the additional expenditure and inconvenience that comes with off-site storage. Without off-site storage, or the capacity to move to a bigger, more expensive space for a larger floor area for filing, high density mobile filing cabinets are the solution for you. It reduces the cost of continually having to add filing systems to keep up with the demand of the filing space that you will need, not only in purchasing additional filing systems but even where documents are stored off-site, as this too comes with a monthly recurring cost.


Storing documents in a high density and mobile fashion also saves time and manpower, allowing for the documents to be more easily accessible, and by fewer people, as the documents are stored in a compact and easy-to-reach way. This has a direct impact on the productivity of your business. It streamlines the entire filing process and the access to your documentation, also creating an organised and efficient feel to your space. Places, where high-density bulk filing systems are often seen, are in the healthcare industry, where a tremendous volume of patient files need to be stored and be readily accessible for healthcare workers. The reduction in isle space not only saves on the space that the actual filing takes up itself but having one access walk-in space also allows files or documents to be accessed more readily, in one simple step.


A high-density mobile storage system can also have a tremendous impact on a company’s growth, better being able to store documents in a way that allows you to take into account your short-term and long-term growth plans.


High-density mobile storage cabinets can either reduce the floor space needed to store the same amount of files and documentation or increase the number of files or documentation over a particular floor area. Whatever your needs, Zippel has the solution for you.


Steel Cabinets Suitable for Suspension Files


Another useful filing product offered by Zippel is the steel cabinet, suitable for suspension files. Zippel offers 3 styles of steel filing cabinets to suit your needs. These include the 2, 3, and 4 drawer steel filing cabinets, each installed with a central locking system.


There are several advantages to making use of steel filing cabinets. One of the first is its durability. Their steel structure and strength allow them to withstand very trying and tough working environments, making sure that your documentation is kept safe and neat at all times. Steel also lasts much longer than most other filing cabinets designed out of less durable material. Being more durable also means that the filing cabinet will last longer than cabinets made out of other materials which may be prone to becoming disfigured or cracking.


The steel cabinet also makes the storage of your documentation more secure as the nature of the material is more strong and more secure than alternative materials such as wood, which can easily be broken or broken into.


The design and colour offered by Zippel are also clean and neat. Zippel’s steel filing cabinets for suspension files come in two presentable colours, namely Ivory Karoo or Hammer Grey.


The Steel filing cabinets are specifically designed for suspension files, which are a great way of storing files and documentation in a compact and manageable way, particularly where there are high volumes of documentation or files. Each file is hung vertically and side by side on a rail securely situated within each draw. By pulling the drawer out, you are easily able to access a large number of files in a compact space.


Plan Filing Cabinets and Stands


Another option is the plan filing cabinets and stands. Zippel offers several types of plan filing systems, including the horizontal plan filing cabinet, the vertical plan filing cabinet as well as the mobile plan filing stand. A further stand is also available, being the A0 Aluminium clamp hanger.


With the horizontal plan filing cabinet, the 4 drawer cabinet has the dimensions of 670mm High x 1320mm Wide x 915mm Deep, with the drawers themselves having a dimension of being 75mm High x 1200mm Wide x 865mm Deep. Zippel also has 6 and 8 drawer options for their horizontal plan filing cabinet options.


Plan filing cabinets are useful for safely protecting plans, maps, and documentation that require the document to be stored neatly to maintain its structure. Stored individually or collectively, plan filing systems can save space in that they can store large amounts of documentation in a small area, neatly and functionally.


The mobile plan filing stand, A0 Aluminium clamp hanger, and the vertical plan filing cabinet offer the same neat storage as the horizontal plan filing cabinet except that the design and structure are that the documents and plans can be stored vertically and side by side.


The mobile plan filing stand is indeed as it describes, mobile and portable, further assisting in reducing filing space and floor space. It is a fairly tall stand allowing for the capacity to store between 720 to 900 plans. They are designed for the larger documents that you may need to store or file, needing a deeper depth drawer


The A0 Aluminium clamp hanger is similar to the mobile plan filing stand but each rail is further equipped with a clamp to secure your documents safely as they hang over the rail, and can store between 40 and 50 plans.


The lateral filing system of this hanger and stand come with the advantage that their capacity is expanded to only the size of the actual documents, taking out the necessity for them to be stored in an actual file, which would further take up space in the filing system itself. Without the file associated with the document, retrieving the document is also a simple exercise as you are only dealing with the weight of the document itself, and not also with the cumbersome file, allowing for easier access to files in a busy office.


The Vertical Plan Filing Cabinet


The vertical plan filing cabinet differs in that it is a pull-out hanging drawer, and contains 18 Aluminium drawing or plan hangers. It has lockable steel drawers, with the capacity to hold 900 plans, and has the dimensions of 1250 mm Height x 740 mm Width x 1250 mm Diameter.


Whether it be horizontal or vertical, high density or durable, the question is what is the system that your filing and documentation needed in order to be stored safely and securely.


Contact our offices today to enquire about a cabinet that will suit your needs.