How Are Documents Storage Supplies made Fireproof?

How Are Documents Storage Supplies made Fireproof?

How Are Documents Storage Supplies made Fireproof?


Documents, by their very nature, are fragile and need to be protected appropriately. Documents can be drastically altered and damaged by fire, in particular, but Zippel, as a world-class document storage supplier, has the solution for you.


Cabinets can be designed to be fireproof by the manufacturer making use of strong metals, fire-resistant insulations, as well as intricate welding techniques. The metals used must be those that will not melt when they come into contact with fire, as it is the heat of the fire that can cause damage to the cabinet, and not necessarily the actual fire itself.


Important considerations to be taken into account when designing a fireproof cabinet are that the doors be properly sealed, are the doors thick enough to prevent it from melting to slow down the transfer of heat, and is the cabinet insulated to help keep the internal temperatures down during the fire. Typical minerals used in the insulation of cabinets in this regard are perlite and vermiculite, to name a few.


Different documents and devices, such as CDs, will burn at different temperatures, so the fire-resistant cabinet’s internal temperatures must be kept as low as possible, to save the contents of the cabinet, during a fire. The best fire-resistant cabinets are designed in a vertical position, which are exactly the fire-resistant filing cabinets that Zippel offers.


Zippel’s Fire Resistant Products


Four ways in which Zippel can reduce and even divert the damage that may be caused by fire to documents, as renowned storage manufacturers, is with their fire-resistant drawer cabinets, the Zippel flameproof cabinet, the double door fire-resistant cabinet, and the Safire 1360 fire resistant cabinet.


The fire-resistant drawer cabinets are designed in a portrait position and in a vertical style drawer system which allows the files to be stored side by side for easy access. These cabinets come in a range of 1 to 4 drawer options and have been tested and proven by the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden to withhold fire damage for up to 120 minutes.


The Zippel flameproof cabinet performs in the same way, just with a different design. This cabinet has several internal structures which make it unique, such as a reinforced shelve and a galvanized spillage tray, keeping the tray free from rust and corrosion in hazardous environments.


The double door fire-resistant cabinet is equipped with lockable swing doors and 4 adjustable shelves in 5 tiers and has been certified by the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweeden to withstand fire damage for up to 90 minutes.


Last but certainly not least is the Safire 1360 fire-resistant cabinet. This cabinet is fitted with 4 shelves and a lockable drawer at the bottom, and too has been certified to withstand fire damage for up to 90 minutes.


Fires can happen at any time, unexpectedly, and often in the most unforeseen circumstances. All industries can be affected by fire, from government departments to healthcare, to insurance, no matter how big or small the business, the risk is ever-present.


Having fireproof cabinets has a direct effect on the longevity of your business, should you be so unfortunate to experience a fire. Without these facilities, and depending on the records and documents that may be under fire, without these documents, your business may not be able to survive such a loss.


Unexpected events such as fire do occur and are inevitable, but the difference for your business survival is how adequately prepared you are to mitigate your loss or avoid it completely by having the right equipment. Your important documents must be stored in such a way that even in the event of a fire, they have the best chance of staying intact. This is where it is important to put your trust in a reputable document storage supplier, this supplier being JBM Zippel Suppliers and Repairs.


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