The benefits of high-density mobile shelving

The benefits of high-density mobile shelving

High-density mobile shelving systems allow businesses to store more physical information while taking up less space. Traditional shelving occupies a fixed area that can be inconvenient if the number of items to be stored increases while your square footage remains the same. High-density mobile shelving is mounted on a track system, allowing it to be moved and collapsed. Wasted space created by fixed aisles is eliminated by mounting storage cabinets or shelving on wheeled carriages that travel on rails, freeing up valuable floor space for other, more productive uses. As a company grows, so do its storage requirements. Inventory, records, files, and documents have a habit of piling up. Because office space is limited, storing your physical assets as efficiently as possible can help you improve your productivity, save money, and optimise the layout of your office. So, let’s break down the benefits of high-density mobile shelving.

Increase valuable floor space

Traditional shelving necessitates the use of a fixed aisle between each row of shelving. One significant advantage of high-density mobile shelving systems is that it addresses one of the most significant shortcomings of shelving: the aisles. High-density mobile shelving systems eliminate unused aisle space, which is typically twice as wide as the actual shelves. This creative solution is ideal for locations with limited floor space and many files or objects to store. Another benefit is that high-density mobile shelving systems are adaptable, with height, width, and other configuration options to fit the needs of the space.

As your storage requirements outgrow your current space, you may be forced to cram shelves into every nook and cranny. You may even consider purchasing offsite storage, which can raise your company’s costs and reduce employee productivity if employees must travel to retrieve items. On the other hand, high-density mobile shelving allows you to store more in less space.

Double your storage capacity

When compared to traditional filing and shelving systems, high-density mobile shelving can increase storage space by 50% to 100%, effectively doubling the storage capacity of your existing floor space. In addition, high-density mobile shelving can also store three times as much as traditional filing and shelving in the same amount of floor space. It’s simply the best way to make the most of your available storage space.

With high-density mobile shelving systems, more items can be stored in less space. In addition, you can keep your items close together rather than scattered on shelves throughout the office, increasing storage space and improving the appearance of your office. High-density mobile shelving storage solutions are helpful for businesses that generate new files or records on a regular basis or that need to store an increasing amount of inventory.

Enhance organisation and convenience

Because of the versatility of high-density mobile shelving, you can finally organise your items. Most high-density mobile shelving systems allow you to mount virtually any type of storage housing, including your existing shelving and cabinets, on its mobile carriages. This is useful for organisations that store or stock inventory, products, files, or tools on a regular basis, including hospitals, museums, athletic departments, and commercial warehouses.

When the high-density mobile shelving unit is collapsed, the face panels can be customised with a variety of colours and finishes to match your brand or the surrounding environment.

Increased savings

Purchasing high-density mobile shelving will quickly pay for itself. A high-density mobile shelving system can save you money on offsite storage, provide enough space for a new hire, and even allow you to stay in your current area without having to relocate to a larger office. In addition, if your employees can quickly and easily access the items they require, eliminating travel between locations and contributing to your bottom line.

So you can avoid the headaches and capital outlay associated with adding offsite storage facilities.

When there is no more storage space available, many organisations must make the decision to add offsite storage facilities to meet their storage needs. This option not only has the potential to be significantly more expensive, but it also introduces new logistics to consider, including security, additional staff, temperature control of the facility, etc. Consider how much space can be added by changing how you store your items before adding more storage space and cost.

Improved workplace safety

When you run out of storage space, it’s easy for things to become disorganised and overcrowded. This could pose a safety risk for your employees who are attempting to access or locate an item. High-density mobile shelving units also provide system control options for use, entry, and operation to ensure employee safety. Employees can safely operate the moving system with the help of powered and mechanical assist systems.

You may be forced to stack file boxes in a corner or stack office equipment in a warehouse when you run out of storage space. These items have the potential to obstruct workplace traffic and introduce new hazards. Workers may trip or bump into objects that have not been properly stored, resulting in injuries and costly workers’ compensation claims.

High-density mobile shelving is the most cost-effective and space-efficient storage solution available, with numerous safety benefits for a wide range of industries.

Boost employee productivity

High-density mobile shelving allows you to keep your inventory, files, and other assets close together. This makes it easier for your employees to quickly and efficiently locate the items they require. It can also aid in the maintenance of a consistent organisational system. When your employees can get what they need from high-density mobile shelving quickly, they can work more efficiently throughout the day.

Allow your business to grow

As your workforce, inventory, and acquisitions grow, you’ll require more space to accommodate your expanding business. By removing aisles and unnecessary shelves, you can make room for more desks, store extra inventory, and free up space for additional equipment to speed up your work processes. In these situations, high-density mobile shelving is an obvious choice.

Increased security

When your physical assets are all in one location, it is easier to monitor them and makes it more difficult for unscrupulous individuals to gain access to your property. High-density mobile shelving storage systems also assist you in keeping your inventory and other assets well-organised so that you can quickly identify if something is missing or misplaced.

Which industries need high-density mobile shelving systems?

High-density mobile shelving storage can benefit any business that needs to store items in their office or on their property. This includes companies that must store inventory, records, files, office supplies, equipment, and other items.

What can be stored in high-density mobile shelving systems?

Thanks to the various configuration and customisation available, high-density mobile shelving storage systems are ideal for files, folders, and containers of different sizes and dimensions.

Types of high-density mobile shelving

A company like Zippel offers a range of high-density mobile shelving products to suit your needs. This includes:

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