The Need for Document Management

The Need for Document Management


Document storage is the method used to organise and store files. Over the years, clutter can accumulate, and eventually, it becomes difficult to look for important documents in an unorganised system. The bigger the business as well, the more there will be a need for an organised document storage system.


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The Importance of Document Storage Management


Document storage is important for the protection of your documents. The safety and security of important documents are pivotal to the proper functioning of a business. Documents are such that they can get damaged and destroyed by the elements. For some documents, because of the content, it may be so important that their destruction through not being properly stored, can have very serious consequences. Examples of important documents in this regard could be patient files or legal documents. A proper document storage system will allow you more control over your documentation.


The privacy of the documents is also relevant in that this will also need protection. Personal information will need to be stored carefully in a good document storage system to avoid confidentiality problems. The Protect of Personal Information Act No. 4 of 2013 places onerous duties on us to preserve the privacy of others when their personal information is in our possession. In this way, proper document storage assists us in complying with the laws of our Country.


Having a good document storage system can also have a positive impact on saving you time. Looking for documents in a myriad of disorganisation can take a tremendous amount of time. Where time is then taken in this area, it is detracting time away from other areas. Good document storage practices will streamline the document retrieval process. The various document storage systems will be ordered and centralised in the office, making documents easier for employees to access.


With the advantage of saving time, it also then increases productivity in the workplace. With employees spending less time searching for important documents, that time can then be used for more productive activities in the office. When operations are not productive, this can result in a loss of money for the business. Proper document storage systems not only can increase the productivity of the employees but also save money, or increase the capacity to generate money. The saving in time will also improve the workflow in the office.


When employees are productive, they operate optimally, and in a better state of mind. Employees will not be frustrated by a disorganised workspace where there are inefficient filing systems. They will be able to perform their functions better, with the implementation of a good document storage system.


Not only does it boost staff morale, but it can also increase client satisfaction. Clients do not have the time or patience to wait for an employee to sift through an unorganised filing system. Being able to locate the information quickly and efficiently will improve your customer’s experience.


The cost savings also extends to the cost of the storage space. In a disorganised system, documents can take up a great deal of space. This wasted space will come at a cost, when if you had a better document storage system you may be in the position to rent smaller office space at less cost. The storage space itself will also take up space within an office if a proper document storage system is used.


Good document storage also allows a person to keep proper records. Often records of past documentation may be required in a particular situation, and having a good storage system allows for the easy retrieval of past records. When all documents are in order and have a functional system, it is easier to keep a record of important information.


Quality document storage systems can have a variety of positive impacts on the day-to-day running of a business. Contact JBM Zippel Supplies and Repairs, your trusted document storage manufacturer, to implement an efficient document storage system for you.